The Latest Trends in Kitchen Designs

The Latest Trends in Kitchen Designs

The Latest Trends in Kitchen DesignsYears ago the kitchen was hidden in the back of the house and it was usually off limits to any guests. Today the kitchen has become the focal point of the home – bringing families together for meals or a houseful of guests together for a night of entertaining. No other room in the home conveys a sense of warmth and community like the kitchen.

Over the years kitchen layouts and designs have changed to accommodate function, style and the unique needs and vision of individual homeowners. If you are remodeling your current kitchen or building a brand new home, there are many things to keep in mind when you are planning the design of this room that has become the heart of the home. As with any modern design trend, clean and simple styles have become favorites for homeowners with natural light becoming an essential aspect of the overall look and function of the kitchen space. Following are some of the latest design trends for kitchens today.

Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan remains popular in the kitchen because it provides great space for cooking and entertaining. Many kitchens open up to or extend into living room spaces in homes with open plan designs. Kitchen islands remain at the top of designers’ lists because they make a statement and serve multiple uses for meal prep, casual dining, entertaining or use as a bar.

Curved Shapes

Say good bye to the square or boxy layout. According to Better Homes & Gardens, “Designers are throwing curves into kitchens, breaking up the conventional straight and boxy look in soft new ways. Rounded kitchen sinks, curved faucets, bowed cabinetry, and curvaceous islands are changing the shape and feel of the kitchen’s usually linear spaces.”

White or Grey Cabinets

Kitchen DesignsWhite is still a big favorite for kitchen cabinets. Homeowners love it for its clean look, which is especially beneficial in a space that tends to get cluttered. White cabinets are simply beautiful and timeless and can be used in almost any kind of kitchen style. Grey cabinets are also rising in popularity because the neutral shade is extremely versatile.  Both white and grey cabinets can complement many different shades of countertops. Beside the look of the cabinets, you want to consider storage space and practicality.  Cabinets come in different materials, shapes and sizes and can vary greatly in price.

Exotic and Colorful Countertops

While cabinets may remain white or neutral, there is a rising trend in exotic and colorful countertops. The perfect complement to a more subdued cabinet, showy surfaces and bright colors can provide a wow factor in the kitchen. Synthetic countertops are available in an abundance of colors but even natural stone materials such as quartz, granite and marble can have bold an unexpected colors and veining.

Tile Flooring that Resembles Wood

Today there are ceramic tiles available that look exactly like hardwood flooring. If you want the look of hardwood flooring with much easier maintenance and less wear and tear, consider using ceramic tile. In addition to wood, ceramic tiles can be designed to resemble a range of other materials including natural stone.

These are some of the latest ideas that combine the best in functionality and aesthetics to create the ultimate kitchen. If you are interested in remodeling your kitchen or another room in your home, contact the professionals at North Shore Kitchens, Inc.  They are true craftsmen and experts in the industry and they have been serving the Long Island community for over 40 years. Give them a call at 631-673-7575 to start planning your kitchen redesign today.

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